Robin Hood Primary School

"Success is in the journey, not the destination; we are all learners"

Welcome to Year 5!

Year 5 is an important year for progress and independence in our children; a year to embed all of the knowledge learnt in Lower Key Stage 2; a year to start the preparations for transition to secondary school. This is often a year when children grow in maturity — sometimes even more so than in their final year in primary. They will gain greater independence and confidence from being given more responsibility in their learning. Children in Year 5 are increasingly encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning: to do their homework, to pack their school bag, to remember their planners and equipment. As a result, they develop and grow. It is about encouraging independence in preparation for bigger things to come.

Year 5 Transition Booklet

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Year 5 Curriculum Overviews

 Year 5 Autumn 1 2023 Curriculum Map.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Autumn 2 Curriculum Overview.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2023-2024.pdfDownload
 Year 5 Spring 1 Curriculum Overview.pdfDownload
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 Year 5 Summer 1 Curriculum Map.pdfDownload
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Year 5 Timetables

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