Robin Hood Primary School

"Success is in the journey, not the destination; we are all learners"

School Uniform


We believe that wearing a school uniform helps to foster the idea of a shared community, to which all pupils can be proud to belong. It is unrealistic to designate a particular style, material and colour. Therefore, the Governing Body agreed that the school uniform should be black trousers or skirts, white polo shirts and jade-green sweatshirts and/or cardigans.

For Nursery & Reception children we would appreciate easy fastenings so that children can dress themselves quickly and easily without adult help.

We ask for your full co-operation as we believe being smart and presentable creates a respectful environment.


School and PE Uniform providers:


School Uniform checklist:

  • Black or navy trousers, skirt or pinafore dress (leggings are not permitted, thank you).
  • White polo shirt or shirt
  • Jade-green school sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Footwear should be black shoes or trainers. If your child is in Foundation Stage, please try to opt for shoes which fasten with Velcro.
  • Hair accessories are permitted, but we kindly ask that they are kept small and simple.
  • Makeup of any kind is not permitted (this includes nail varnish).
  • Jewellery is not permitted, with the exception of watches. Girls may wear stud earrings, provided they are covered or removed for PE sessions and swimming lessons.

  • Please label everything with your child's name.