Robin Hood Primary School

"Success is in the journey, not the destination; we are all learners"


Reconnecting with Key Stakeholders:

  • To assess the impact of school closure on all school stakeholders (children, parents, staff, governors and community).
  • To aid reconnection and catch-up through the effective support and development of staff.
  • To aid reconnection and catch-up through further development of approaches to home learning.
  • To aid reconnection and catch-up through addressing the disadvantage gap.
  • To implement specific, research-based strategies and interventions in order to support curriculum reconnection and catch-up, including tutoring, and extended school days.


  • Ensure all new to subject leadership teachers have the necessary support to lead their subject effectively

  • Ensure all subject leaders have dedicated research and monitoring time to allow for effective monitoring of the intent, implementation and impact progress within their subject

  • Ensure all governors have a clear understanding based on first-hand evidence-based knowledge of the foundation curriculum offer for our pupils


  • Conduct a deep review of reading and some foundation subjects to monitor the effectiveness of the implementation, intent and impact (III) strategy for each subject

  • Ensure our curriculum offer is ambitious for all including our SEND pupils and more able pupils

  • To ensure all teaching staff and new to year group and new to school are confident in the key aspects of maths mastery

  • To ensure recall and recap opportunities are built into all medium term planning for all subjects 


  • To ensure our playtime spaces and activities are providing structure and engagement in healthy play

  • To continue to ensure all our pupils are staying safe

  • To continue to reduce the % of persistent absentee pupils and pupils with irregular attendance 


  • Ensure all staff are trained and confident in spotting and supporting mental health issues at an early stage

  • To increase further our pupils' awareness of local, national and global issues

  • To ensure our pupils can respectfully challenge views and opinions and behaviours within a safe environment

  • To ensure we continue to support and encourage our pupils to make healthy choices in terms of their physical well-being


  • To ensure we are providing effective information for our parents to support the learning journey of our pupils at home and in school

  • To further develop our expertise in developing real number sense and thus ensuring a high proportion of pupils are Y1 ready in their maths mastery journey

  • To use the natural resources available to us within our local school community to enhance first-hand learning opportunities within the Foundation Stage in particular within the areas of learning of Knowledge and Understanding of the World and People and Communities