Robin Hood Primary School

"Success is in the journey, not the destination; we are all learners"

Design & Technology at Robin Hood Primary School

Design and Technology at Robin Hood Primary School helps to develop children’s skills and knowledge in numerous areas of the curriculum. It encourages children to embrace their creativity and also links well to subjects such as Science, Mathematics, computing and art and design. Design and Technology ultimately gives the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products.

Through D&T we encourage children from a young age to think about and engage in designing, building structures, developing mechanisms and discover a range of materials and mediums, including food, thus building up critical life skills. Through design and technology, we encourage problem solving as well as working safely and confidently in different environments. It encourages children to actively evaluate both their own and their peers’ work and strive for high standards.  As a school, we believe it is vital to nurture creativity and allow children to express themselves through different forms.

Our Vision for Design Technology at Robin Hood

DT Whole School Overview