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"Success is in the journey, not the destination; we are all learners"


Welcome to Year Three! This year is an important one for your child as they make the transition from Key Stage One to Key Stage Two. Your child will cement their learning from Year Two and begin to build upon these foundations as they embark on a journey of creativity, independence and the fresh challenges of their next phase of schooling. Despite the introduction of more challenging material and concepts, we are still maintaining elements of fun and a diverse learning environment, giving the children the opportunity to apply their growing knowledge. In Year Three we promote a love of learning in a range of challenging and engaging topics. We believe that every child is on their own learning journey and each one of them will have their own achievements of which to be proud. The children will flourish as individuals, taking on ownership of their own learning and becoming equipped with the necessary skills to become a resilient and successful learner.

Click below to download a copy of the Year 3 Transition Booklet

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Please click below to download a copy of the Year 3 Curriculum Overview

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 Year 3 Curriculum Map Autumn 1 2021.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2021-2022.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Spring 1 Curriculum Map.pdfDownload
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Please click below to view our timetables:

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 3OM Timetable Autumn 2021-2022.pdfDownload
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 3SM Timetable Autumn 2021-2022.pdfDownload
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