Robin Hood Primary School

"Success is in the journey, not the destination; we are all learners"

Welcome to Year 1!

Leaving Reception behind and moving into Year 1 can feel like a big step for both children and their parents. However, at Robin Hood we ensure that children have a smooth transition as they will still be learning through play and will continue to explore, discover and learn through movement and practical activities. As the year progresses the day will become more structured and we will learn to sit, listen and learn for slightly longer than we did in Reception. In Year 1 the children move from the EYFS Framework to the National Curriculum and will be taking part in the Phonics Screening check. Phonics is a big part of Year 1. Your child will continue to expand on their knowledge of phonics and will probably surprise you with just how quickly they develop their reading. They will undertake phonics learning each day, just like they did in Reception. 

Year 1 Transition Booklet

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Year 1 Curriculum Overviews

 Year 1 Autumn 1 2023 Curriculum Map.pdfDownload
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Year 1 Timetables

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