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The temporary provisions in the Coronavirus Act 2020 expired on 24 March 2022. As a result the Remote Education (England) Temporary Continuity (No.2) direction no longer has effect.


Attendance is mandatory for all pupils of compulsory school age although remote learning may be considered for pupils in circumstances when in-person attendance is either not possible or contrary to government guidance.


This might include:

  • occasions when school leaders decide that it is not possible for their setting to open safely, or that opening would contradict guidance from local or central government

  • occasions when individual pupils, for a limited duration, are unable to physically attend their school but are able to continue learning, for example pupils with an infectious illness


The priority should always be for schools to deliver high-quality face-to-face education to all pupils. Remote education should only ever be considered as a short-term measure and as a last resort where in person attendance is not possible. In these circumstances pupils will have access to remote education as soon as reasonably practicable, though in proportion to the length of absence and disruption to their learning which is in line with the latest guidance effective from 29 March 2022 (please see below). 

If a child does not have access to a device then we guarantee that your child will be provided with a laptop or iPad to use whilst learning remotely.  Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning. Paper copies can also be made available.

Information about our Remote Learning Offer

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