Robin Hood Primary School

Headteacher: Sara Harris
Tel: 0113 2823444

Headteacher: Sara Harris | Tel: 0113 2823444

After School Clubs

At Robin Hood we aim to offer a large selection of after school clubs to encourage  and develop children’s passion and interests. Extracurricular activities allow children to engage in learning in a fun way, develop new and existing skills, as well as pursue and progress any talents.

This year (2017-2018) clubs are going to take place throughout the Spring Term. Spring 1 clubs will run from the second week back after Christmas (11th January – 8th February) until half term. Spring 2 Clubs will run from the first week back after half term till the end of week 5 (22nd February – 22nd March). Please see below the clubs that will be on offer throughout spring 1 and spring 2.


Phonics Club: The phonics club is open to all children in Reception but really benefits children who are not yet blending and segmenting confidently. The children will learn how to blend and segment in fun way and the children will have the chance to develop their confidence in their phonics learning!

Craft Club: Do you like to make different things? Running out of ideas of what to make next? Why not try Miss Hirst & Mrs Butterfield’s Craft club! In this club the children get to design and create lots of exciting and interesting creations! The children have the chance to get messy and think outside the box!

Drama Club: Do you like to perform? Would you like the chance to be part of a school production? Then Mrs Comstive’s Drama club might be for you. You will have the opportunity to perform some great roles right here at school and will have the chance to practice your acting skills!

Computer/Ipad Club: If you like computers and technology then you will love Mrs Moore’s Computing & Ipad club, in this club you will learn different tips and tricks to improve your computing skills each week. You will have the chance to play on different games and maybe even create your own!

Quiz/Puzzle Club: If you enjoy a challenge then Mrs Perry’s Quiz & Puzzle club is the one you may enjoy! Each week you will do different puzzles and quizzes and will be awarded points for the fastest teams. You will be in with the change to win different prizes!

Healthy Cooking: Do you love to eat & cook different foods? If the answer is yes, you need to try Miss Birchall’s & Ms. Lindsay’s Healthy Cooking club. In this club you will learn how to create healthy meal ideas and will learn how to create different healthy snacks each week.

Printmaking: Do you love art and everything it involves? Why not try Mrs Chin’s Printmaking club. This club will look at different and interesting ways to experiment with printmaking. For example, printing leaves, different fabrics, card etc. You will look at line and texture with rubbings and observational drawings. You will get the chance to make your own textured collages and prints and will get you thinking outside the box.

Yoga: If you enjoy keeping fit then Miss Fox & Miss Parker’s Yoga club may interest you. This club will make mindfulness and yoga fun for children and will be a nice way to relax after the school day!

Creative Club: If you like to be creative then Mrs Harley’s club is for you! You will do lots of messy play, painting, sticking and box modeling. You will also get the chance to play in the sand, water and playdough as well as having the chance to be imaginative in the home corner.

Tag Rugby: Do you enjoy P.E? Would you like to try a new sport? Well why not try Mr Malley’s Tag Rugby club. Learn how to play as a team, develop your running skills, footwork and movement skills.

Card Club: (Spring 2 Club) If you like being creative then maybe Miss Lambert’s card making club is for you? In this club you will have the chance to get creative and make  beautiful handmade cards each week. You will learn how to make different cards for different special occasions.

Boosters/Intervention Clubs: Some staff members have also taken this opportunity to run booster groups to help children develop in specific areas, these will be invite only by the teacher.

If parents/carers would like a printed copy of any information on this website, please contact the school office and this will be provided free of charge.