Travel Plan

In 2019-2020, Robin Hood Primary School were awarded the Bronze level Modeshift STARS for our commitment to sustainable travel; we now strive to achieve our silver award through our on-going travel plan.

The Robin Hood Primary School Travel Plan is a plan that is put in place to support parents and children getting to school.  The main aim is to positively influence how children travel to school every day. Active travel, which includes walking, cycling, scooting and park and stride, has many benefits such as being more active, reducing congestion on the roads outside of school and reducing the number of vehicles parked around school. We have run a number of initiatives over the past year which included:

- Walk to School Week- where children were encouraged to find alternative ways of travelling to school other than in a car

- Mini Police- this is where some of our Year 6 pupils accompanied local police to challenge drivers that were not parked responsibly during busy times

- Speed Indication Device training- this training involved displaying the speed that cars were driving past school on a digital device to encourage drivers to slow down whilst driving past school

- Scooter Training- pupils were taught the necessary skills to travel safely to school on their scooters

- Pedestrian training- pupils were taught the importance of using the Green Cross Code and how to be safe whilst on the pavements

We have worked closely with the “Influencing Travel Behaviour” team at Leeds City Council to educate both children and parents about the importance of safe and active travel.

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