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Google Classroom


We are now using Google Classroom to enable all of our pupils to access weekly homework and to learn from home if in isolation. 


Every child has a unique login to the Classroom.


Google Classroom is a safe and secure solution for children to access learning materials directly from their class teachers; a location where they can collaborate with their peers by sharing useful websites and tips when completing assignments; a hub to allow learning direct from their school classrooms into the comfort of their own homes.

Please read the attached documents for further details about our remote learning offer and procedures. Thank you for your continued support and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require support. 


By clicking the image above, you will be taken directly to the Google Classroom webpage. Please download the parent help guide for accessing Google Classrooms here for further help or please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 0113 2823444.


  If you require any help or support with your child's learning, please email your child's class teacher via the year group email or contact them via the private message option in Google Classroom.


Year Group


GMail Addresses


Miss Mills (Nursery Teacher)

Mr Grenfell (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Nunns (Teaching Assistant)



Miss Steel (Reception Teacher & Foundation Stage Leader)

Miss Bull (Reception Class Teacher)

Year 1

Miss Bairstow (1FB Class Teacher)

Miss Holmes (1RL Class Teacher)

Mrs Butterfield (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Scofield (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Ward (Cover Supervisor)

Year 2

Miss Johnston (2AJ Class Teacher & KS1 Leader)

Miss Stead (2HS Class Teacher)

Mrs Lunn (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Comstive (Teaching Assistant)

Year 3

Mrs Murphy (3EM Class Teacher)

Mr McKinney (3OM Class Teacher)

Mrs Daniels (Support Assistant)

Mrs Cookson (HLTA)

Year 4

Mr Malley (4SM Class Teacher & LKS2 Leader)

Miss Wray (4JW Class Teacher)

Mrs Asher (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Hartley (Teaching Assistant)


Year 5

Mr Hagreen (5PH Class Teacher)

Miss McMahon (5KM Class Teacher)

Mr Lamb (HLTA)

Mrs Womersley (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Pullan (CSW)

Year 6

Miss Hobson (6EH Class Teacher & UKS2 Leader)

Miss Quirke (6SQ Class Teacher)

Miss Abbey (HLTA)

Miss Taggart (Teaching Asssistant)


Student Login