Meet the Team

Leadership Team

Lunch Time Staff

Mrs Harris – Headteacher

Miss Mees – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Chester – Deputy Headteacher

Miss Gascoigne – Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage 2 Leader

Miss Lambert – Assistant Headteacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Steel - SENCO

Mrs Cookson – SENCO Assistant, Senior HLTA,

Mr Hey (Supervisor)

Miss Bestwick (Acting Supervisor)

Mrs Mates 

Miss Skitt

Miss Rudd

Miss Sykes

Mrs Haigh

Mrs Cole

Mrs Spencer

Mrs Hawley

Mrs Hartley

Administration Team

Kitchen Staff

Miss Purchon – Business Manager

Mrs Holland – Administrator

Mrs Agar (Catering Team Leader)

Mrs Rickman

Mrs Ollerton


Friendly Faces

Mrs Chin

Miss Abbey

Mr Lamb

Miss Fox (Maternity Leave)


Mrs Hey (Manager)

Mrs Grenfell (Team Leader)

Mrs Lavin (Play Worker)

Miss Lunn (Play Worker)

Mrs Haigh (Play Worker)

Communication Support Worker (CSW)

Caretakers and Cleaners

Miss Pullan

Mr Brown (Caretaker)

Debbie Nash

Sandra Wyman

Diane Hartley

Wendy Pritchard

Cath Lavin

Nicole Cardiss-Brown

Foundation Stage

Miss Lambert - Assistant Head teacher  (Maternity Leave)

Miss Steel - Foundation Stage Leader, Reception Teacher

Miss Paker- Reception Teacher

Miss Mills – Nursery Teacher

Mrs Crossland – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Nunns – Teaching Assistant

Mr Grenfell – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Aldis – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Chin - HLTA

Key Stage One


Miss Johnston - Key Stage 1 Phase Leader, Year 2 Teacher

Miss Stead – Year 2 Teacher

Miss Bairstow – Year 1 Teacher

Miss Holmes - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Lunn – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Schofield – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Comstive – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Butterfield - Teaching Assistant

 Mrs Ward - Cover Supervisor

Councillor Lisa Mulherin (Chair of Governors)

Michael Devaney

Sarah Patel

Stephanie Findlay

Sarah Steel (Teacher Governor)

Gaynor Cookson (Support Staff Governor)

John Steel

Andrew Peckett

Liz Taylor

Reverand Mandy

Sandeep Assi

Lower Key Stage Two

Upper Key Stage Two

Mr Malley – Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader, Year 4 Teacher

Miss Wray – Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Murphy - Year 3 Teacher

Mr McKinney - Year 3 Teacher

       Mrs Asher – Teaching Assistant   

Mrs Daniels - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Cookson - HLTA

Miss Hobson - Acting Assistant Head teacher, Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader, Year 6 Teacher

Miss Quirke - Year 6 Teacher

Mr Hagreen - Year 5 Teacher

Miss McMahon - Year 5 Teacher

Miss Taggart – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Womersley - Teaching Assistant

Miss Hartley - Teaching Assistant

Mr Lamb - HLTA

Miss Abbey - HLTA

Miss Pullan - CSW

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