Lower Key Stage Two

Lower Key Stage Two

Year 3

In Year 3 we teach a broad and balanced curriculum which equips our children with a breadth of knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum. We build our curriculum on exciting themes such as The Ancient Egyptians, Chocolate and The Stone Age. Our learning is tailored to suite our differing children's needs, including on-the-spot changes from teacher assessment during lessons. We offer children opportunities to work alone, in pairs and as a team, building our personal and social skills in all lessons. Speaking and listening is at the heart of what we do and our writing is intertwined within most subjects. We encourage and give children time to be reflective learners, allowing them to assess their own and others' learning in order to progress. We encourage our children to be good citizens, upholding the British values in everything they do. 


Year 4

In Year 4, pupils continue to grow and develop as learners and as young people. Pupil are encouraged to be independent learners who can show initiative in and around school. In Year 4, pupils begin to understand the importance of working with others to achieve a given goal. Groups are often randomly allocated giving pupils opportunity to work with all their peers. In Year 4, we provide pupils opportunities to contribute to the running of the school and classroom through job roles that allow children to experience responsibility.

Throughout the year, teachers will make ongoing assessments of pupil progress to establish if children are on track to achieve the expected standards. Judgements use formal assessments (taken at certain points in the year) as well as any discussions and written work completed in lessons.

In Maths, pupils develop their number fluency, becoming more confident in their use of larger numbers up to a million. Here they calculate as well as read and write these in numerical and word form. Pupils are also introduced to decimal numbers for the first time and begin to understand their fraction equivalents. In addition, pupils will learn how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Finally, a large emphasis is placed on times tables fluency as all pupils are expected to know these facts by the end of Year 4, in preparation for Year 5.

In writing, pupils produce pieces in a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Pupils become more skilful writers and are encouraged to expand their ideas by using subordinate clauses (clauses using words such as although, if, when). Pupils are also encouraged to begin their sentences in more engaging ways with fronted adverbials for time, place or manner. Cursive handwriting practice will also help pupils develop their own style further. In reading, pupils will become more confident by developing their fluency. In guided reading sessions, pupils will learn new comprehension skills and strategies using VIPERS (vocabulary, inference, predicting, explaining, retrieval and summarising/sequencing). Class novels will be used to support the core and wider curriculum.

In Year 4 science, pupils will develop their skills in how to work scientifically. They will plan and investigate in a range of topics such as; Digestion, Sound, Electricity, Human Impact, Changing State and Our Changing World (based on plants).

In other areas of the curriculum, pupils will continue to develop the fundamentals of balance, agility, coordination and fitness in PE. There will also be a strong emphasis on achieving a personal best whilst in lessons. In History, pupils will learn about exciting topics of the past such as The Romans as well as their Local History. In geography, pupils will learn more about how Volcanoes and Earthquakes occur and Rivers and the Water Cycle. Finally, there are many more exciting learning opportunities in subjects such as Art, Design Technology, Computing, Music, French, RE and PSHE. 

Year 4 is a fun, action packed year with exciting learning opportunities. At the end of year, we strive for all children to be happy, confident and resilient learners preparing them for their final years at Robin Hood Primary School.

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