Robin Hood Primary School

Headteacher: Sara Harris
Tel: 0113 2823444

Headteacher: Sara Harris | Tel: 0113 2823444

Robin Hood Code of Conduct


Robin Hood Primary School has a new behaviour policy that was introduced at the beginning of the academic year 2016 – 2017. Children are actively and positively encouraged to co-operate, to behave well, work hard and make a positive contribution to our school. Children are expected to follow the ‘Robin Hood Code of Conduct’. At Robin Hood we:

Respect – respect each other and our environment

Honesty – we always tell the truth

Pride – take pride in our work and be proud of our achievements

Safety – we always keep ourselves and other safe

If children follow the Robin Hood Code they are awarded with weekly treats ‘Golden Time’, Termly Treats (An organised surprise) and taking part in an award’s ceremony where they receive either a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.

Behaviour Policy including Anti-Bullying


Golden Time is a weekly timetabled slot on a Friday afternoon for half an hour.

Each child starts the week with this 30 minutes.

Children choose an activity they would like to do in this time.

The children keep their Golden Time if they follow the Robin Hood Code of Conduct.

If parents/carers would like a printed copy of any information on this website, please contact the school office and this will be provided free of charge.