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Headteacher: Sara Harris
Tel: 0113 2823444

Headteacher: Sara Harris | Tel: 0113 2823444

Governors Impact Statement 2016 – 2017

The Governors of Robin Hood School are pleased to publish what we have implemented this year and the impact of these actions.

What needed to improve?What did Governors do to ensure this happened?What impact did these actions have on pupil outcomes?
We will improve outcomes in Reading, Writing and Mathematics sufficiently across school in order that they are at least in line with national expectations.Governors have used financial resources to ensure that children were in straight year groups in year 5 & 6 to make sure that class sizes were smaller and that there was only one curriculum year group to teach.
Governors have ensured that there has been a detailed analysis of papers, assessments, baseline for this academic year, which identified groups of pupils across school to be monitored closely, all pupils have been reviewed at pupil progress meetings using evidence from the newly introduced tracking system and appropriate interventions have been introduced.
Governors have requested Data packs for Reading, Writing and Maths to be produced for each subject, each phase and each class and these to be reviewed regularly at SLT, Phase meetings and pupil progress meetings are presented to Governors at the Standards and Curriculum meetings. All phase leaders have presented their data and been held to account by Governors for their data.
Governors have approved a new marking and feedback policy across school in order that it maximizes pupils’ progress across school. Governors have requested that this is monitored half-termly in work scrutiny to check the impact of this policy and then this is fed back to the T&L committee.
Governors have reviewed teacher assessments/data half termly and asked for these to be moderated through the monitoring of teaching, learning and book scrutiny in order to triangulate these across school. They have also ensured that there has been cross moderation with other schools in order to ascertain that our judgements are secure.
Governors have used financial resources to purchase Classroom Monitor in order that staff know whether pupils are in line with national expectations and that there is evidence to hold staff to account and that staff are confident in using this system. A comprehensive CPD package (provided in summer 2016 and continued into Autumn 2016) in order to track pupils, inform planning, identify groups of pupils, those pupils not achieving ARE in reading, writing and mathematics combined in order that pupils achieve better outcomes and make at least expected progress in line with national expectations
The Governors have also ensured that the pupil premium and sports funding has been used effectively and the impact of this is published separately on our website.
Data outcomes for school have improved significantly. Un -validated data for 2017 shows that:
EYFS= 70% GLD which is in line with national.

KS1 combined for RWM is 58% and and increase of 9% from last year. This is 6% behind national, but the gap has narrowed by 5%.
Attainment for the higher attainers is in line with national.

KS2 results have improved significantly and RWM combined is 69% and 8% above national. This is an improvement of 41% on last year.
Attainment for the higher attainers is in line with national.
We will develop the role of Senior, Middle, Curriculum leaders and teams, the new team of HLTAs, support staff, the office staff across school and Governors.At the beginning of the academic year the school had no SLT other than the HT. Both the DHT and AHT were on maternity leave and the other AHT gave up her position. To address this the Governors agreed to ask Middle leaders to be given appropriate development and CPD to be able to step up and act in senior positions. They agreed to finance an acting DHT and AHT for the year. We have since changed the management structure to accommodate two full time DHT and two AHT to further strengthen the leadership and management of the school.
The Governors financed the AHT being released from class to set up tracker spreadsheets and action plans ready to roll out in September after baselines have been done and then targets set.
Phase leaders and SLT carried out triangulation in their phases around work scrutiny, drop-ins, learning walks, pupil interviews and data analysis and Governors have asked that these are presented at every Standards and Curriculum committee meeting.
Curriculum leaders have been released in order to collect evidence and monitor standards in their subject across school.
The Governors have appointed an experienced SENCO to set up statutory SEND policies and procedures across school, track SEND, pupil premium and LAC pupils as well as introduce, monitor and evaluate the impact of any interventions and communicate this to all stakeholders including parents at regular review meetings. The SENCO and SENCO now line manage support staff and set appropriate targets to develop them professionally.
The Governors have also employed a new team of HLTAs across school in order that they can cover confidently in their phases. HLTAs have been given time to spend in class and have release time to develop subject knowledge in those subjects which they are teaching.
The Governing Body are more involved in school and challenge more in order that they are more familiar with standards across school and how this is linked to the school’s priorities and there are regular meetings with whole GB around standards and progress in improving standards.
We develop the support staff across school through high quality CPD, performance management targets and quality assurance from the new SENCO.
We have also employed a new, experienced School Business manager and ensured that there was full transition between the new and retiring Business Manager.
Outcomes for pupils across school have improved. Both outcomes for pupils and practice across school have improved significantly in spite of all of the staffing changes.
New and acting leaders have responded well to the challenge and improved outcomes across school.
We have had no supply costs this year as the HLTAs do all of the cover in school. All support staff have received high quality CPD.
The new Business manager has an excellent understanding of the budget and this year’s budget has been set.
Governors have developed an effective model for the monitoring and evaluation of school improvement priorities. They are better able to hold the school to account having more first-hand opportunities to gain an accurate view of the school’s performance.
Middle and senior leaders are able to effectively contribute to the leadership and management of the school, which has helped to secure improvements in provision across the school and promote more positive outcomes for pupils.
We will improve pupils’ personal development, behaviour and welfare in terms of Attendance, behaviour, safeguarding, pupil voice and the nurture provision.Governors have introduced a new Behaviour Policy which has been developed by a range of stakeholders and which rewards the ‘always’ children weekly, half termly and termly.
Governors have introduced a new tracking system for child protection issues and cause for concern (CPOMS).
Governors have also assessed the views of stakeholders across school by administering and collating the findings of the ‘My Health, my school’ survey in order to form an action plan to address any issues. We have also asked for a parent questionnaire to be sent out and collated the findings in order to inform next year’s SDP.
Governors funded the new SENCO to be non-class based in order that she could establish SEND practices and procedures across school. More focused Nurture support in place to aid the social and emotional development of identified vulnerable pupils.
We have also enrolled on the MINDMATE champion programme and we are now including this is in all of our year group teaching across school.
ew and improved policies and procedures around safeguarding and child protection are in place. It is safer, secure and easier to analyse and record. As a result safeguarding is improved.
We are now aware of pupils and parental feedback and have analysed this in order to improve provision for our children.
Behaviour in school has improved significantly and incidents at playtimes and lunchtimes are reduced.
We have offered nurture and counselling to those pupils who need this and we have excluded no children this year,

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