Year 1 Science Week - Day 2

Date: 10th Mar 2020 @ 4:24pm

Today Year 1 continued with their Science week activities and overall had a very interesting day!

In the morning Year 1 were becoming plant detectives and planted sunflower seeds into their personalised plant pot. We learnt about what plants need to survive and how we are going to look after them so they grow into beautiful sunflowers. The children have an ongoing plant diary which they will keep updating every week to show the progression of the plants.

After break time our next experiment was the ‘Slippery Shoe’ experiment. We had 3 shoes: A wellington boot, a child’s trainer and a teacher’s shoe. The aim was to find the shoe with the best grip. We had to ensure that our test was a fair test and we explored what that meant. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experiment and the results we found were very different to what our predictions were.

After lunch time the children were very fortunate to be part of a Crime Scene which occurred… Rachel came to visit Robin Hood to see if Year 1 could help her solve a mystery. Year 1 were fully on board with this task and were very hands on with finding out which suspect stole the money from the school. We learnt about our finger prints and how they’re unique, what DNA is and where we would find it and any clues that would be relevant to help us solve the case.

Our final experiment of the day was the Slime experiment! In both classes we had to try several times to get to our end result which we explained is exactly what scientists do – they have to go through a trial and error process to find the right solution.

Well done Year 1, another fun packed day of Science experiments and you all did very well J

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