Science Week

Date: 16th Mar 2020 @ 5:08pm

Science Week by Hallie Mason & Lucas Murray 4StM

Dean Riley- RAF

On Friday the 6th of March, we met Dean Riley from the RAF. He came in to talk about camouflage. We looked at camouflage in nature and how it is used in the military. We also tried on some of his gear to see how heavy it is and it was really heavy. We watched a youtube video of a shapeshifting octopus on coral and then one of a tiger in grass and even a butterfly in leaves. He showed us two uniforms, one for desert 1 and one for grass.


He also talked about flying and how pilots need different licences to fly overseas. We looked at the Spitfire plane and how we keep these to celebrate history.

Skype a Scientist

Rebeca Young is an American scientist who specialises in birds. We enjoyed a Skype call with her as she answered all of our questions about birds and how they age and get stressed.


In the planetarium, we learnt about planets: Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Sun, Pluto and Venus. We went in a black inflatable tent and were surrounded with cinema screens so we could see the planets in animated form.  

Sound experiments

We used musical instruments to measure sound in decibels. We used trundle wheels to see how many meters the sound travelled. A person stood at the other side of the playground and made some noise and we wanted to see how far we could it from. 


We also experimented with how sound travels through solids and made our own ear gongs. It sounded like Big Ben when the sound travelled through the coat hanger and string into our ears. We learnt that sound travels faster through solids, as the particles are closer together.



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