Science Week - Day 3

Date: 11th Mar 2020 @ 4:19pm

Today in Science Week we have continued completing various Science investigations which the children have put all their passion into.

Our day started with making our own scratch cards using oil pastels and cardboard. The children drew their beautiful pictures then covered it with a black pastel. We left the pictures to set for a period of time then returned to them with playdough tools to carve out our very own image from the previous colours used before.

Following this we went outside to create our very own variety of bubbles. Year 1 wanted to create wonderful and colourful bubbles using different shapes and so we carried this out using food colouring, and playdough tools to create different sized bubbles.

To prepare for Thursday’s experiment we placed boiled eggs in Coca-Cola to begin our Brush Up Experiment.

After Lunch we created a Lava Cup using Vegetable Oil, Water, a Cup and Food Colouring. The children learnt about what the term ‘Emulsion’ means and how we can create an emulsion. By far, this was the most exciting part of the day according to most Year 1’s!

The final experiment of the day was the ‘Awe and Wonder’ experiment involving a Paper Towel and tie-dying it using 2 primary colours to create a secondary colour.

Wow! Year 1 you have had an action packed day and you have all been so involved. Well done J

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