Online Learning Week 1

Date: 31st Mar 2020 @ 9:38am

Last week Year 1 were VERY busy completing their Home Learning!


Miss Bairstow and Miss Lambert would love to share some of the amazing work.

In Phonics last week we focused on the long /i/ family, completing various activities to apply their knowledge. Then children developed their knowledge further through a collection of books which they accessed on Bug Club and then completed the Comprehension questions to check their understanding.

In English, the children continued making leaflets as part of their Non-Chronological reports. The focus was in the ‘Arctic’. The children had to research an animal each day and design a fact file to explore the lifestyle of that animal. They were very impressive!

In Maths we focused on Weight and Capacity. The children were comparing weights and ordered objects with the smallest capacity to the largest capacity. Some children took this activity outside in the wonderful weather and practically measured different capacities – Well done!

Other activities the children completed throughout the week were:

  • PE with Joe Wicks
  • Designing and creating an Easter card.
  • Understanding the lifestyle and habitat of the African Elephant
  • Investigating Week 2 of their Sunflower diaries and understanding what plants need to survive.

A very busy week Year 1, we can’t wait to see what Home Learning you produce this week. Keep up with the amazing work!

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