Robin Hood Primary School

Headteacher: Sara Harris
Tel: 0113 2823444

Headteacher: Sara Harris | Tel: 0113 2823444

Heart and Lungs Talk

On Friday, we were visited by Dr Martin Who is an anaesthetist. She taught us all about breathing, including the different parts of the throat and how we breathe. She taught us about the trachea, bronchii, alveoli and blood vessels. She brought in a bag mask which is a contraption to help breathing.

We were also visited by Dr Passmore who in a doctor in A and E. She taught us even more about the heart, including the various parts of the heart and how each part has an important function. She also talked to us about ECG and what a healthy heart looks like when reading data from an ECG. She also showed us how to deliver CPR if someone’s heart stops beating and highlighted how most shops and busy places are now equipped with defibrillators


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